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Cruise of the Borromeo Gulf and the eclectic villas of Lake Maggiore

What better way to enjoy the Borromeo Gulf and  the villas of Lake Maggiore than a trip with a private boat?

An original way to experience and enjoy the beauties of the lake.

The private boat will take you to a close discovery of the most enchanting places of the Borromeo Gulf, with its islands, and the charming towns that surround it.

The phenomenon of the holiday on the lake, begins in the romantic nineteenth century, the era of the “Grand Tour”. Lake Maggiore becomes a must, for all  lovers of beauty, nature and art.

Nobles, aristocrats, royal families of all Europe, poets and writers across the Alps, attracted by that lake, where the mountains seem to plunge themselves into its blue waters; They arrive numerous to enjoy its scenic and architectural wonders: the Isola Bella vessel, the picturesque island of the fishermen and the majestic garden of the mother island.

In those years the first villas of the lake were built, all concentrated, not by chance, around the incomparable Borromeo gulf, with its charm that leaves everyone astonished.
From the boat you will admire and discover, with the tour guide, the history, the secret loves and the Mysteries that surround the great villas of the lake: Villa Dora, villa Jucker, villa la Palazzola, villa Aminta, villa Ducale, villa Pallavicino, villa Niobe, villa Villeneuve, villa Vignolo, villa Castello, villa Fedora, villa Branca, villa Rosa, villa Barberis, villa Carosio, villa Taranto, villa San Remigio, villa Eremitaggio, villa la Scagliola, villa Elena, villa Ceretti, villa Emilia, villa Giulia, Villa Rusconi Clerici… are just a few names of the thousands of eclectic villas of our magnificent  Borromeo Gulf.

A unique excursion to be enjoyed...