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Botanical gardens of Villa Taranto

One of the most appreciated and visited botanical gardens in Europe. Its history began in 1931 with the noble Scottish captain Antonio Neil Body Mc Eacharn.

The gentleman arrived by chance on Lake Maggiore, and in a very short time he falls in love with it. Here Mr. Mc Eacharn  decided to crown his greatest dream: “create a botanical garden”.

Varieties from all over the world decorate this green wonder of 16 hectares: 20.000 plants, many of them of particular botanical value, 15.000 seedlings and thousands of bulbous plants in bloom.

In spring the wonderful blooms of acidophilus trees: camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons.

In May the explosion of 80,000 tulips begins.

In the summer you can enjoy the different varieties of hydrangeas and aquatic plants: from July the queen of the greenhouse "Victoria Amazonica", water hyacinths, Lotus flowers, water lilies .. and then the blossoming continues until autumn, with the spectacular blooms of 300 varieties of Dahlia.

The guided tour begins in the avenue of the conifers with its very rare example of Metasequoia Glyptostroboides "the living fossil"; conifers from every corner of the planet; the valley of the Australian Antarctic Dixonia, the English lawn, the mausoleum with the remains of the captain, until we get to the villa Taranto.

Today the villa, which can’t be visited, is the seat of the prefect of police, while the botanical garden remains open to visitors from March to November.

The guided tour goes on until the Italian-style terraced garden, a harmonious "touch", placed in an English garden.

At the end of the visit you will have  free time to take a look in the small shop of seedlings and bulbous plants, "to take away with you".



Adults per person per person € 11,00
Groups from 21 to 100 people per person €  8,00
Children from 6 to 14 years per person € 5,50


NB: Free entry for tour leader. Free entry for disabled guests (100%) and their companion.

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