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The Fishermen Island

Considered one of the most picturesque hamlets of the Maggiore Lake. Many people prefer this island to the Isola Bella, thanks to its simplicity, to its intimate and lived beauty.

A village that preserves intact its medieval matrix, formed by very old long, narrow   gothic paths, small houses, almost all decorated with fishermen's nets.

Peaceful and simple fishermen who were, and still are, the true inhabitants of the island, who gave it their name.

Today the island, which has little more than thirty inhabitants, lives thanks to visitors, who make an highly reccomended stop to enjoy it.

A romantic unforgettable island rich of sweet smell and flavours; succulent  dishes of fishes such as trout, salmon trout, lemurs and perch, are just some of the real protagonists of the tables of the island restaurants.

The guided tour of the ancient village goes into the small church of Saint Vittore, the fishing museum, in the past it was the elementary school, through the small houses with their  stone arches and steps, the shops and the small stalls.

... "And in the evening, when the village is quiet and the silence comes back, in the distance you can see fishermen's wherrys, which, at sunset, launch their nets.. and another day of work restarts .."

A dazzling jewel, all to enjoy.

Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Rocca Borromeo and Pallavicino Park will be open every day from 20th March to 1st November 2020.



The visit of the church and the fishing museum has no entry costs rata.